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Fall Cleanup Projects: Hire a Professional

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Fall is that time of the year when the temperature cools and the weather becomes more comfortable. Fall is also when leaves' typical green changes to colorful and beautiful hues, eventually falling and bringing about maintenance challenges. If you are considering taking on these strenuous fall cleanup tasks yourself, you may want to have a rethink.

Fall Leaves on the Ground

What Is Included in a Fall Cleanup?

  • Raking, blowing, bagging, and hauling away leaves and other debris

  • Clearing leaf and debris buildup from the gutters

  • Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs

  • Cutting back perennials and removing annuals

  • Weed removal and control

  • Addition of mulch

  • Aeration and fertilizer application

  • Lawn mowing and edging

  • And so on!

Why Are Fall Cleanup Projects Important?

  • Leaves can block out sunlight from reaching the lawn. Removing these leaves enables your lawn to access sunlight, promoting grass growth.

  • Insects and unwanted pests can hide under fallen leaves and enter your home. Proper leaf removal prevents this, making your home safer.

  • Fall cleanup enhances the aesthetics of your landscape and promotes healthy plant growth.

  • Getting a cleanup during fall also prepares your plants for winter, protecting them from the harsh weather.

Why Should I Hire a Professional for Fall Cleanup Projects?

Save Money and Time

Fall cleanup projects may seem like your ideal DIY tasks, but you may likely spend more money and time than if you hired a professional.

You may be thinking of saving money by tackling the tasks, but the cost of equipment and materials can quickly add up. Plus, the manual labor can be back-breaking, requiring all your free time and more. Why not save time and money by letting the pros do the dirty work?

Proper Tools and Equipment

For a thorough cleanup job, you require tools and equipment such as a leaf mulcher, blower, rakes, mower, shears, fork, gutter scoops, chain saw, and lawn aerator. You also need a pressure washer, fertilizer spreader, and so on! Professionals have all of these tools and equipment, guaranteeing excellent results.


You can't escape handling tools and equipment in fall cleanups. If you lack expertise, it will be dangerous to operate the equipment yourself. In addition, you will often have to deal with slippery surfaces and work at heights, which can be risky. Professionals are trained and can follow procedures to minimize risks in these dangerous situations.

Quality Cleanup Services

If you are not a professional, the end of your DIY effort will likely be a far cry from the quality results experts can deliver. While you may intend to save money or fill up your free time, you may end up damaging your landscape.

Professionals know exactly what to do when it comes to fall cleanup. They can diagnose issues and carry out services, ensuring your yard looks great in fall, survives the winter, and springs back to life in spring.

Get Your Lehigh Valley Property Looking Clean and Beautiful This Fall

We understand. You want your property to look splendid but lack the time, energy, or resources to make it happen. It's a lot of back-breaking work, and you'd instead invest all that time and energy into doing something more fun.

Leave your fall cleanup projects to the experts at Pashminatoo. We'll create a customized plan so you enjoy a vibrant and healthy landscape without worrying about the hassles of achieving it. Get a quote today.

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