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Tips for Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Hardwood floors are popular in modern homes, especially for their elegance and class. Not to mention that they are made from the best woods, like oak. One of the many benefits of hardwood floors is that they are durable and can last up to a decade.

However, proper care is necessary if your hardwood floor will last as long as it should. Here are some tips to help you take care of your hardwood floors:

Clean your hardwood floors

In order to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors, ensure that you clean them regularly with a microfiber mop for the best results.

Also, ensure that spills are cleaned immediately to prevent them from staining the floors. You can vacuum your floors weekly, but only with the brush attachment, preferably a soft-bristled brush, to prevent scratches on the floor.

Use floor cleaners for cleaning

Detergent or other soaps may damage your hardwood floors, and this is why it’s best to use floor cleaners. Ensure that the floor cleaners you buy are wood friendly so that your floors last longer.

Place furniture pads on the floor

Furniture pads will help you protect your hardwood floors from scratches and damages that could be caused by the furniture. You may have to move the furniture around when you clean or dust your home, and pushing the furniture against the floor can cause scratches on the floor. Furniture pads prevent this from happening.

Use mats at entryways

Place doormats at all entryways to trap dirt from the outside and keep them from staining your floors. Also, make sure to clean the mats regularly so that the dirt does not accumulate and stain your floors.

Avoid wearing heeled footwear on your hardwood floor

Heeled shoes like stilettos can put marks and dents on your wood floors. As much as possible, avoid wearing them on your hardwood floors. You can take them off once you get in and wait to get to the door before wearing them.

Move your rugs around

It’s okay to redecorate your home and move your rugs and mats around so that all the floorboards will be evenly coloured. Leaving the carpets and mats in one spot for a really long time will leave the covered areas a different color from the exposed area.

Trim and file your pets’ nails

If you have pets, make sure to keep their nails and claws trimmed and filed always.

This will prevent them from scratching on your hardwood floors and damaging them.

Refinishing if needed

Refinish your hardwood floors to maintain their natural appearance and vibrancy can be a great option.

You could also get professionals for scheduled cleaning of your hardwood floors. Get a quote today to get started.

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